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Software overview

WooHoo is developing a gamification shopping solution to help marketers to increase customer engagement and maximize revenue.

subscription ecommerce platform



Offer discounts to customers on your website to increase sales

Looking for a way to increase sales on your website? Create targeted popups and floating bars to offer discounts to your visitors at the right moment.



Here is how to use website exit popups to stop losing conversions

Most visitors will spend less than a minute on your website and leave to never come back again. So why not show them one last message just before they leave and increase the chance of a successful conversion?

card dance pop up
Make more leads with game pop up



Create website announcement bars to notify visitors about updates

Have an important change or update on the website your visitors should not miss? Place a bar at the top of your website or a slide-in notification in the corner of the page.



Add a cookie consent message to your website

Provide clear information about the fact that cookies are used on your site and make your cookie policy prominent to comply with the EU cookie law.

Make more leads with game pop up
card dance pop up game



Promote Amazon or eBay listings on your website

Are you selling on Amazon, eBay or another selling platform? Promote your listings by displaying notifications on your site or blog with a direct link to the purchase page.

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