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Take your coupon game to the next level

Who said pop-ups can’t be fun? Add some playful spirit to your pop-up ads, pop-up banners and pop-up windows and watch as the gamified email capture process boosts subscriptions and sales. It’s a win-win situation. You get to build your marketing email list and close more sales. Your customers get to enjoy a fun and engaging email capture process.

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Card Dance

Add some gamified fun and a little surge of anticipation to the already exciting experience of receiving a discount from a pop-up! Have your customers play a game, in which they switch cards to reveal ultimate savings and they’ll forget they ever used a pop-up blocker before!.

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Reel Of Coupons

Play the Reels with the Reel Of Coupons, and get your heart pumping! Spin three wheels and get ready to jump out of your seat when the columns align, crowning you the Reel Of Coupons sovereign.

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Wheel Of Coupons

Say goodbye to exit-intent with this stunning pop-up ad. Watch the wheel whirl and get ready to win big, exciting prizes. Playing this game is simple, easy, and full of intense joy. You can use your winnings, personalized coupons, whenever your please.

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Pick A Gift

Time to pick your gift - Show your customers five gifts to choose from, they will love to reveal their coupon discount.

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Exit popups

Lower your site’s bounce rate and increase users’ time on-site by displaying personalized exit-intent notifications - before users close their browsers.

Smart triggers

Enjoy full control over your pop-up behavior. Choose which users to trigger and under which conditions. The choices are endless, but they are yours to make.

Custom images

Add custom images to create unique, professional pop-ups.


Gain unique insights on your pop-ups’ performance with real-time, easy-to-read statistics and downloadable reports.


Add custom images, choose colors, fonts and animations to create the pop-up that sells your business best.

Mobile responsive

We make sure your pop-up will look great on any device or big screen.

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What people are saying about WooHoo!

Great app! A must have for every story! We really love the card game, great interface and easy setup.

I was looking for this kind of feature for a long time!! This is just amazing for conversion rates.

This app is great! It worked very well for us for email collection and redemption of coupon codes.

Super cool app a must have! I got more sales since I download this app. My newsletter got bigger!

Easily manage and customize your games

Our easy to use back-end admin interface has all the settings you think you need - and more.

  • ✓ background & Image
  • ✓ Layout
  • ✓ Animations
  • ✓ Colors
  • ✓ Fonts
  • ✓ Text
  • ✓ Coupons
  • ✓ Setting and triggers
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