One of the biggest revenue multipliers of any business is returning customers- they are the force that keeps your business alive. In fact, acquiring a new customer can be up to 5 times more expensive than reconverting a returning one.

First, let’s make an important distinction between returning customers and loyal customers.

Returning customers are customers who buy from you more than once, while loyal customers are the ones that just love your store and keep returning to buy from you again and again.

How do birthdays help create more loyal customers?

As e-commerce merchants, our goal is not only to get returning customers but actually build a community of loyal ones. How do we do that? well, we create a relationship with our customers.

Creating a relationship with your customers requires more than just marketing to them and expecting them to buy, you have to make it personal.

And what’s more personal than a person’s birthday?

Everyone wants to feel special on their birthday, and most people like brands that celebrate their birthday with them. In fact, a study showed that birthday emails have 481% higher transaction rate than promotional emails.

So sending birthday emails is a pretty effective way of creating a more personal connection with your customers- their birthday is unique to them, and celebrating it shows them that you as a brand care about them personally, and are willing to put an effort into them.

What makes a good birthday campaign?

When creating your birthday campaign, you want it to be as effective as possible. Your goal is to make your customers feel appreciated and special- two positive feelings that you will definitely benefit from your customers associating with your brand.

1. Send a sequence

To have a really effective birthday campaign, sending just one email is simply not enough. When you send an email sequence you give your customers a second and third option to opt in and accept your offer.

Sending an email sequence makes your offer seem more genuine, while also making sure it does not get lost between all of the other birthday emails in your customer’s inbox.

The most effective way to send your birthday sequence is to start it about a week before the actual birthday, and give your customers at least two weeks after their birthday to redeem the offer (while sending them email reminders until the offer expires).

This way, you can have a sequence of about four emails, one before the birthday, one during and two after.

2. Have an offer they can’t refuse

When you offer a birthday benefit to your customers, make sure it is something they will be genuinely excited about, and have a hard time saying no to.

Having a truly exciting offer has two obvious benefits: It makes your customers appreciate that you are celebrating their birthday with them, and it makes them more likely to actually take the offer and purchase from you again (i.e. revenue).

Use the data you have about your customers’ preferences- products they liked or purchased before- to customize your offer. Don’t just offer a generic discount or product, offer something that you know this customer will love.

3. Be fun

Obviously, when sending an email to celebrate your customers’ birthdays, you will add the customers’ name, possibly age, and make sure to send it around the actual birthday date.

But other than personalization, what makes your birthday email special, what makes it something that stands out in your customers’ eyes and actually delights them on their birthdays?

Make your emails fun! Make them colorful and branded, have fun wishing your customers genuine and even funny birthday wishes, and animate your message with a video or a GIF.

How to use your thank you page to collect your customers’ birthdays

While there are a few ways to collect customers’ birthdays- including customer accounts and emails- using your store’s thank you page is by far the most effective one.

Your store’s thank you page, also known as the order confirmation page, is the single best place for you to work on your customer retention and loyalty.

It is the only place you have a 100% open rate at- all of your customers see this page when they finish a purchase. And not only that, it also has ready to purchase customers!

According to the foot in the door bias, people who have just complied with a request from you are more likely to comply with another request. So if you ask someone who just purchased from you for their birthday, they are more likely to agree to give it to you.

You can use apps like ReConvert to turn your thank you page into a retention secret weapon for your store. One of the things ReConvert allows you to do on your thank you page is to collect your customers’ birthdays.

You can place a simple birthday collector widget in your thank you page and just ask customers who have just purchased from you to give you their birthday, so that you can later send them a special birthday gift or promotion.

The really strong thing about ReConvert’s birthday widget is that it is fully synced with email auto-responders like Klaviyo and MailChimp, allowing you to easily build automation with the data you collect.


Posted by WooHoo Team