Why gamification is a game changer for email list building, lead and conversion nurturing and how to maximize its potential

The modern-day shopper is busy and focused. 96 percent of Americans shop online and 21 percent of online shoppers report that advertisements influence their shopping decisions. For the digital marketer, this information is immense. Using digital ads to activate, engage and convert website visitors into satisfied customers should be simple and successful.

Yet, to the average web user, online marketing tactics are only getting more intrusive and obnoxious. Pop-ups are constantly interrupting the browsing experience. Segmented remarketing ads and autoplaying videos follow you as you scroll through your News Feed and try to get through just a single informative article. But customers don’t hate all ads, they simply hate the bad ones, with 77 percent of them wishing the annoyingly pervasive ones could simply be filtered out.

To achieve marketing campaign success, digital marketers are being forced to learn the art of well-placed, well-executed advertising – and rightfully so. One way this can be done is through gamification.

What is gamification?

Gamification is a process, through which the typical elements of game playing are applied as a digital marketing technique, to encourage website visitors to engage with a product or service and input their email addresses. Namely, it is a modern approach to email capture and online product and service promotions that fosters engagement between the customer and the brand and drives conversions – at exhilarating rates. In fact, gamified and interactive pop-up ads are up to 10 times more successful at engaging customers than the simple provision of promotions, with approximately 30-50 percent of prompted users agreeing to play. On average, gamified promotions convert 5-10 percent of prompted users, increasing online sales by roughly 10-15 percent.

Why are gamified pop-ups such a game changer?

It’s simple. Gamified pop-ups are so effective because that they combine the surprise, excitement and allure of interactive game playing with your consumer’s brand experience. Approximately 66 percent of Americans play video games on their mobile devices or consoles. As such, gamified ads tap into a deep common interest among consumers. It, therefore, may be the perfect way to attract a brand’s target audience and increase consumer engagement. One study even found that gamified ads led to a 6 percent increase in engagement and a significantly higher click-through rate (CTR) than that of traditional advertising practices.

This is because, when your customers are prompted with a chance to win a discount, obtain exclusive access to top content or another treat, they become incentivized to engage, play and win. And once they’ve been given a taste of your brand’s awesome offering, they will be motivated to keep returning for future purchases. In turn, you’ll receive their personal details (their email addresses) and will be able to start mapping their user behavior, to optimize your targeted marketing practices. Armed with the knowledge of what entices your customers to buy and what items or services they prefer, you will be able to supply consumers precisely what they want and need, boosting their satisfaction – and your ROI.

A game where everyone comes out a winner

Not only do gamified pop-ups ensure that every website visitor is rewarded for playing, but they also guarantee that the digital marketer comes away with his or her own plunder – a growing email list. Gamified ads enable marketers to acquire more email addresses – potential leads, than they would by using any other standard lead acquisition tool. These email addresses can be used to retain, retarget and remarket to newly acquired and existing customers. Marketing emails can be sent out to raise brand awareness, offer exclusive deals, promotions and content and nurture each shopper as they make their way along the sales funnel.

It is extremely important that you take advantage of your email lists to enhance the perceived value of your brand, which taking care to ensure your customers feel respected and appreciate. Send out segmented and personalized email blasts that are just as fun to read and engage with as the gamified pop-up that drew them in. it’s a win-win situation for all.

How to get your game on

Applying game-design elements and game principles in the very non-game context of email capture is easiest when you have the help of a great, automated platform. WooHoo is a list building tool that uses gamification principles to turn your pop-ups into fun and engaging notifications. This ensures your email capture practices are anything but annoying and your website visitors will start associating your brand with having a good time.

Posted by WooHoo Team